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DALLAS Reboot on TNT brought Audrey back to take care of her grown daughter Pamela. The show lasted 3 seasons.

Audrey's Albums are on iTunes. Audrey received the Florida Motion Picture and Television Association LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD in Miami Beach. Most of her accomplishments you probably are familiar with like DALLAS (as Afton Cooper) A CHORUS LINE: THE MOVIE (Val Clarke, soundtrack performer; "Dance: Ten; Looks: Three") and her controversial cover with the 10 page pictorial in PLAYBOY MAGAZINE (with her clothes ON), Daytime Dramas, BURN NOTICE, LOVE BOAT, FANTASY ISLAND... the resume goes on and on.

What you may not know about is her ongoing (3 decades) career as a Gold and Platinum recording artist and songwriter overseas. Audrey is also a Hyphenate, she has written, produced, directed and edited, a TV series, feature films, and music videos. Audrey wrote (47 episodes, 250 original songs) and performed in the children's series, "THE HUGGABUG CLUB" produced by her mother, Ruth, that aired on PBS for five years and continues to run on other stations. Audrey co-wrote and directed "Circus Camp," a full-lenght feature film, produced by Ruth Landers. It was a family adventure in more ways than one!

Throughout her career she has continued to perform live shows in Europe, Las Vegas and Atlantic City, headlining with Billy Crystal and Rich Little, among many others.

As a teen, Audrey studied music at the Juilliard School in New York while majoring in psychology at Columbia University and starring in the daytime drama "SOMMERSET."

For the past few years Audrey has been somewhat under the radar in the U.S., she was raising her teenage twin boys, managing and producing her son Daniel Landers' music career and continuing to be a record-breaking singer/songwriter in Europe (Recording and Performing in several languages).

Audrey is now BACK in the U.S. spotlight, successfully building a Fashion Business. Audrey and her mother, Ruth, have co-created LANDERS STAR COLLECTION, a line of glamorous fashion and accessories, that has successfully been selling on QVC and HSN in Europe and the UK.

Audrey resides in Florida married to businessman Donald Berkowitz (since 1988) along with their twin teenage boys. Their family also includes two dogs rescued from shelters - Andy and Roxy.

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