USA Olympic TKD Coach
Coach Jean Lopex is the Olympic coach for Tae Kwon Do  

Under the coaching of Coach Jean Lopez "The Lopez family" made history at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, becoming the first three siblings since 1904 to make the same Olympic team, and the first three siblings in history to win medals at the same Olympics. Mark took the silver medal and Steven and Diana both brought home the bronze, with older brother Jean bursting with pride for the siblings he coached to victory.

The Lopezes are an inspiring story of a family united by a dream. They run a Taek Won Do academy near their home in Houston, Texas and their incredible success has been credited with trending the sport of Taek Won Do on the map in the United States.

   JEAN LOPEZ, aged 38, the U.S. Head Olympic Coach in
2004, 2008 and 2012 for the Summer Olympics
. He was U.S. Head Coach for the World Championships in 2001, 2005 and 2007. He was a four-time member of the U.S. National Taekwondo Team. In 1995 he won a silver medal at the Taekwondo World Championships. US Olympic Coach Jean Lopez has coached the U.S. Olympic Taekwondo team in the 2004, 2008, and 2012 Olympic Games.  He has produced sixteen World Medalist and six Olympic Medals (plus two that his assistants coached under his watchful eye).
Currently  he consults for the Olympic teams for  Argentina , Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, Columbia, Croatia, Germany, Israel, Nigeria, Peru, Qatar, Spain, and The U.S.A.
*** The end of 2015 the Olympic Committee will choose the Head Coach for the United States Olympic Team for 2016.
FYI Athletic Accomplishments Facts:
1. Five Time National Team Member 1992-1997
2. Two Time Pan American Champion 1992, 1994
3. Olympic Training Center Resident Athlete 1993-1996
4. 1996 USOC Tae Kwon Do Athlete of the year
5. World Champion Silver Medalist 1995
6. National Team Captain 1995-1997
FYI Coaching Accomplishments Facts:
1. National Team Coach for the last 15 years 1999-2014
2. USA Olympic Head Coach 2004, 2008, 2012
3. Creator of the most successful Tae Kwon Do Program- -Team Elite 1996-2009
4. Youngest Olympic Coach of the United States Olympic Delegation 2004
5. Winner of the United States Olympic Committee's Rings of Gold Award
6. Creator of USA Tae Kwon Do Coaching Certification Curriculum Level 1-3
7. Creator of the High Performance Plan 2006-2012
8. He produced and or Coached 16 World Championship Medal
9. Responsible for Coaching and producing USA's first and only Male World Champions- 6 Gold Medals
10. Made American Tae Kwon Do History by producing three World Champions in the same World Championships 2005
11. Made Olympic History by qualifying three siblings at the 2008 Olympics
12. Made Olympic history by producing three Olympic medals at the 2008 Olympic Games
13. Out of the most possible spots (4) all Olympic Tae Kwon Do athletes were from his program 2008 Olympics
14. He has consulted for athletes and Olympic Committees and have given seminars for countries including Colombia, Argentina, Nicaragua,Costa Rica, Brazil, Germany, Denmark, Qatar, Spain, Peru, Puerto Rico, Croatia, Bahrain, Mexico. I have given seminars in most every state.
15. He has produced and coached 6 of the 8 Olympic Medals produced in the USA
16. He is the most successful coach in American History
17. USA was one of the worst performing countries until Coach Jean Lopwez took over as Head Coach of the USA
18. Produced and coach the most successful athlete of all Tae Kwon Do History- Steven Lopez
19. Produced and coach the most successful family in Olympic and Tae Kwon Do History
20. He is the most successful Olympic Tae Kwon Do Coach in American History
21. Regarded and respected as the best Coach in the world
22. Coach Jean has given lectures on Coaching methodologies for the USA Olympic Committee.


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