Joey Travolta
     Travolta and Kennedy are two names in the United States ' that parallel in popularity to the royal family in England . Each family member has made their chapter in history. So it is with Joey Travolta. actor. drector. producer. teacher. father and husband.
     Born into a show business family, Joey Travolta began a signing career in 1978 as a recording artist on Casablanca Records. The following year he made his acting debut starring in the feature film SUNNYSIDE for Filmways Productions.      Several development deals later, as a writer/producer for Paramount , Universal, etc. Joey Travolta decided to enter the independent film route. He wrote and directed DIVA LAS VEGAS in 1989. It met with success, winner of the Italian Funny Film Festivaland.
      Throughout Joey's career he has successfully mixed his talents always working as an actor, director, producer, or teacher. John Landis has been a landmark to Joey's success, utilizing Joey as a director ( "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show") to his comedic abilities as an actor in (OSCAR, BEVERLY HILLS COP II to SUSAN'S PLAN). Joel Silverman, Joe Dante, Charles T. Kanganis, Raymond Martino are among the directors that used Joey's talents whenever there is a role he is right for.
      In 1991, he produced and starred in DA VINCI'S WAR with James Russo and Michael Nouri. He later produced and starred in the sequel, TO THE LIMIT.
      Travolta made directing a priority in 1994. He directed the action thrillers: HARD VICE, starring Shannon Tweed and NAVAJO BLUES, starring Steven Bauer and Irene Badard in 1995.
      He also directed several episodic television shows including: the police drama "L.A. Heat," the TV pilot, "Friday Night After the Movies," and "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" for Disney Television. In 1996, Travolta directed the science fiction comedy, EARTH MINUS ZERO starring Pat Morita, Sam J. Jones, Rhonda Shear and Marcia Straussman for Two Sticks Productions.
       1997 Joey was busy directing and producing several films. LAWS OF DECEPTION, a thriller starring C. Thomas Howell, James Russo and Brian Austin Green. MATTER OF TRUST starring Joan Severance and Nick Mancuso. DETOUR an action/drama starring Michael Madsen, Gary Busy and Jeff Fahey for October Films.
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