Peter Van der Hurk
aka    Peter Hurkos Jr.
Peter Van der Hurk, as he is known throughout Europe, is fast earning the reputation his Peter Van Der Hurk, the youngest son of Peter Hurkos.father had (the youngest son of the foremost psychic of the 20th Century - PETER HURKOS).
      Peter was born after his father had his fall that gave him the ability to see the unknown and be able to help all that sought his aid during his lifetime.
     Peter Jr., lives in Holland and frequently travels Europe as needed. Once a year goes to the US.

      "My father is always around me... I hear him... guiding me when I help people." - Peter says.

     Peter jr. has one daughter, Cindy (now married with a son).  Peter and his wife Mary live in Den Hagg.

     When Peter isn't using his psychic abilities he sings. He has 4 CD's in release.

If you wish to reach Peter you can email him (click contact above)
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