Rayna Vallandingham
actress - World Champion Martial Artist  
Robin Nassif
Stephen Briemer

Rayna Vallandingham demonstrates her Martial Arts Talent 

       Rayna Vallandingham is the youngest black belt martial artists to attain 11 World Championships by age 9, she has now retired from competing at ATA tournaments. She is an ATA BRAND AMBASSADOR. In 2011, at age 8, Rayna won 4 World Titles in Little Rock, Ark (the Triple Crown in Traditional; Forms, Weapons, Sparing and Creative Weapons) making her the youngest black belt ever to win a Championship (competing against girls twice her size and a number of years older). The next year (2012) she won 6 more world championships (Triple Crown in Traditional, Creative Weapons, XMA Forms, and XMA Weapons), and in 2013 she won the XMA Forms World Championship.
    After winning her last World Championship at ATA's World in Little Rock, she flew to Los Angeles to debut in Phillip Rhee's film UNDERDOG KIDS as Leticia. The film will be released this coming August.  

photo of Rayna with Phillip Rhee and the Underdog Kids
       Rayna trains everyday about 5 hours, when not acting, with her WTF Coach - Peter Lopez (Olympian) under the watchful eye of 3 time US Olympic coach Jean Lopez.

Rayna and Olympian Coach Peter Lopez

working our in Texas with US Olympic Coach Jean Lopez... traing hard with an eye on 20/20

     Rayna is part of a Demo Team/Act and appears as "Child Prodigies" (Channah Zeitung and Rayna Vallandingham) at County Fairs, Carnivals, schools and events promoting stop bullying. Rayna and Channah are now Ambassador's for Deux par Deux Clothes.
     Rayna and Channah were chosen in 2013 to be the poster kids for the WISHING FOR MOMMY Pink Belt campaign so kids with mothers that have breast cancer can treat their Mom to a wonderful day. Continuing with their coach, she has traveled the US as well as Bali and Australia promoting the Pink Belt Revolution and ATA Leadership, appearing at Martial Arts schools as well as The Green School in Bali.
    Recently she was featured in ATA's Iridescent Jahng Bong (Bo Staff) with Channah Zeitung promotional video and an instructional video on the Advance Body Roll.


Rayna Journey

       Rayna will be performing with her team mates (UNDERDOG KIDS), Andrew Franklin and Adian Concidine at The FitExpo in Anaheim Aug 22 & 23 with a special guest Master Phillip Rhee introducing them.
       Her journey in Martial Arts began with Sr. Master Ken Church where she won her Championships. She learned her performance skills from Trish Church, and World Champion Caitlin Dechelle. Her weapon (the Bo) was taught to her by World Champion Jackson Rudolph. Keeping up her black belt ATA skills she train with Trish Church.
     Last year Rayna began her Olympic Journey under the eye of the US Three Time Olympic Coach Jean Lopez, with day to day training with Olympian Peter Lopez. Under their banner she won the Nevada State Championship this in February 2015.
     She lives in the Del Mar area along with her parents (Joty, who was born in England but her parents are from India, and Jeffery who is of Dutch decent - both parents are licensed Chiropractors in the State of California) and her older brother Zane and her dogs Buster and Bo.



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