Robert C. Hunter
actor - author -business man
Robert C. Hunter

Robert Charles Hunter is an Actor, Author, Business Advisor, Speaker, and Producer. He’s active in developing companies, as well as providing strategic consulting and performance coaching for a number of diverse businesses. He co-stared in David Lynch's Inland Empire.

Diane Ladd and Robert were instrumental in gaining favorable federal tax legislation for films produced in the U.S. They currently have fifteen projects in development.

Robert is a 24-year veteran of PepsiCo, Inc., including 11 years as President and CEO of PepsiCo Food Systems. He is a past board member and committee chairman of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington D.C. He has years of civic and educational leadership: He has served on the advisory board of Northwood University, was an executive in residence of the Hotel and Restaurant School at North Texas University, and worked for both the New Frontier Committee and the Parents’ Council at Texas Christian University. He has served on numerous boards all dealing with improving life for children and those that are unable to fend for themselves. He holds a liberal arts degree from the College of Artesia, and a Doctor of Divinity from The Logos Center. His speaking engagements focus on structure that contributes to higher performance and excellence in the workplace.

His and his wife, three-time Oscar® nominee Diane Ladd, live in Ojai, California and relish time with their ten grandchildren.

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